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Fostering and Adopting, Part Two

Before you take the plunge and begin the process of approval for fostering and adopting, you ought to also consider the implications of fostering and adopting on your home life and homeschool. There are certainly great benefits to fostering...

Québec Communiqué 2: Phase 1 Strategy

By now, you are all aware that Québec’s Minister of Education plans to introduce a bill this spring amending the Education Act. While we do not yet know any details, we do know that now is an appropriate time...

Portfolio Series: Second Language Learning

By Louise Frazer. Learning a second language can be a complex endeavour, depending on your starting point and end goals. So, it goes without saying that documenting second-language learning for your child’s portfolio poses a few difficulties, since it...

Winds of Change in Quebec Education Act: Now is the time to come out of the shadows

You may remember, HSLDA representative, Manon Fortin, met with the Minister of Education Sebastien Proulx last fall. At that meeting, he clearly stated that his primary goal is to find all unregistered students in the province. At the Minister’s...

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Foster and Adopting: what is the process?

Many of our members have made the decision to expand their family through fostering and adopting. Many others are considering it, but don’t know where to start. This week’s video update discusses some of the general processes that need...

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