HSLDA Homeschool Blog Video

By Peter Stock, HSLDA President

Our Homeschool Journey

My first impression of home education came from a staggering statistic about homeschool graduates in an Ivy League school. Fast forward to marriage and 4 children, the decision to homeschool came with much research and consideration.

It’s been over 10 years since we decided to “try it out for a year” and we have no regrets. I am fortunate to share the teaching responsibilities with my wife, Tarah, and our schedule varies based on our children’s needs. Overall, we have discovered that home education is the best option for our family. As our children continue to develop, we remain grateful for this special season in our lives.

Share your story

Are you a fellow homeschool dad? If you are, I’m sure you have a story or two to share! Let’s encourage one another by sharing our trials and triumphs as we navigate through the adventures of homeschooling. You can email your story to: info@hslda.ca