Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada

HSLDA is a non-profit organization devoted to protecting, empowering, and advancing home education in Canada. We provide legal services and professional homeschool support to help our member families flourish. Since 1991 we have represented homeschoolers in the courts and legislatures across Canada and worked to promote parent choice in education.

Board of Directors for HSLDA
HSLDA advocating at Quebec National Assembly in support of Bill 144 which recognizes the right to homeschool in Quebec, the final province to recognize this right in 2017.
Family homeschooling under umbrella
Homeschool families are equipped and ready to homeschool in safety and security with HSLDA.

Our Mission

At HSLDA, we believe all parents should have the right to choose home education as the best option for their child and our mission is to: 

  • Equip new families as they begin their homeschooling journey,

  • Empower existing families as they homeschool to the best of their ability, and,

  • Protect families across the country from whatever legal challenges may come their way.

Our History

In the early 90’s homeschooling was not what it is today. There were substantial challenges for Canadian home educators, legally, politically, and socially. The public school establishment was quite hostile towards home education. Many were convinced that the government, not the parents, had the primary responsibility of educating children. Indeed, some parents were even threatened with jail for daring to teach their children at home!

In 1991, HSLDA Canada was founded as a not-for-profit, membership-based organization to advocate for the right of families to choose home education. We started out with just a single lawyer who was passionate about defending our rights in a nation where homeschooling often fell into a gray-area of the law. Three decades later, we are a nation-wide organization providing a range of professional homeschool support services, which includes legal help with issues related to home education. HSLDA also serves as the premiere voice for home education in Canada’s legislatures. When provincial laws develop and change, as they often do, we are there to advocate for your parental choice and homeschool freedom.

Our People

Meet the HSLDA Staff leading your Member Services Team.

Peter Stock



Angela Smith

Vice President

Kerry Mullenix

Member Services Manager

Manon Fortin

Member Services, Quebec


Patty Marler

Government Relations & Media Relations


Diane Geerlinks

Exceptional Needs Consultant


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