By Peter Stock

What if I said that you could study through your first year of university for free? Even better, you’d be taught by professors from high ranking colleges and your textbooks and materials would also be free. Additionally, there would be no prerequisites to enrolling, including no need for a provincial high school diploma. And, this could all be done online in the comfort of your home!  

It sounds too good to be true, but it has recently become a reality. From Calculus and Chemistry, to English and Economics. Thanks to the generosity of a wealthy philanthropist, makes this all possible. See the website for further details and to register.

Upon completing the courses at their own pace, students can write the widely available Advanced Placement (AP) tests in their own town or region. Students with good scores can apply to and enter one of thousands of Canadian and American universities starting in the second year of their preferred program of study. When applying on the basis of AP test scores, students generally do not need to provide a high school diploma as they are essentially applying as transfer students who have already completed a year of university elsewhere.

Most homeschooled students, with well-developed independent study habits, have an obvious advantage over their peers in pursuing this option for higher education. Plus saving thousands of dollars in tuition, student housing and textbook costs is a real bonus!

Parents and students should always research the admissions requirements of any postsecondary institution they are interested in attending in advance. Every college and university has different policies. Keep in mind that most Canadian universities do not offer transfer credits for CLEP exams, only for AP exams. Also, be aware that AP tests, which are offered for a modest fee, are only available in May each year. So, pursuing the course of study does require some advance planning.    

HSLDA Canada is not affiliated with in any way. However, this is an interesting opportunity to consider for homeschool high school students and those without a provincial diploma.

To learn more about homeschooling through high school and preparing for postsecondary education, log on to the Member Site here.

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