homeschool advocacy

by Peter Stock, President, HSLDA Canada

Thirty years ago there were no smart phones, no Facebook or Instagram, and not even a publicly available internet or e-mail! Curriculum choices were very limited and home educating itself was frowned upon or even suppressed by most governments. It is fair to say that those parents willing to pursue homeschooling back then really were pioneers venturing into the unknown. Would governments shut them down? Would their children be able to pursue post-secondary education and their career choices? HSLDA was founded in 1991 to provide a unified legal front to defend these families.

Thirty years later much has changed. Technology has advanced tremendously, the number of curriculum choices has become almost overwhelming, and homeschooling itself is now recognized as a legal choice everywhere in Canada. Homeschool graduates are making their mark in every possible career path and institution. Some have even been elected to Parliament and to provincial legislatures! There is much to celebrate and on its 30th Anniversary, HSLDA is celebrating the successes of the tens of thousands of families across the nation it has been our privilege to serve over the decades.