If you missed Part One of this two-part video series, you will want to catch up to get the whole story on this topic. As Lisa McManus and Kerry Mullenix explained in that video, a knock at the door or a phone call from a social worker is not necessarily a real problem.

However, there are occasions when the social worker returns more than once and sometimes comes with documents they want you to sign. What should you do then?

Clearly, the first action to take is to call HSLDA. The earlier in the process that you contact HSLDA, the better. But what does that look like? What are your rights? When the social worker is standing in your doorway, what can you do or say to be most helpful and most reasonable for all parties?

Watch Part Two of this informative and encouraging video series. And, as always, contact the HSLDA with questions, concerns, or scenarios that are affecting your homeschooling.

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