In the middle of a long winter, many Canadians find themselves in a state of Cabin Fever. Homeschoolers, on the other hand, find themselves experiencing Conference Fever at this time of year!

Homeschool conference season is upon us, with all the brochures promising inspiring speakers and lavish curricula options (with free shipping, no less!) luring us to attend. Are you a conference regular, or have you never attended a homeschool conference before? Either way, you may approach the weekend with a lot of questions. As inspiring as a homeschool conference can be, it can also be quite overwhelming. With a plethora of excellent speakers and table after table of shiny new curricula, walking through those halls can make it difficult to keep a clear head about your goals.

This week, Paul Faris takes a few minutes to explain how to get the most benefit from a homeschool conference, both in the speakers’ sessions and the vendors’ hall.

Would you share your experience in the comments? If you are a conference veteran, why don’t you tell us your strategy for getting the most out of a conference. If you have never been to a homeschool conference, use the comments section to ask your questions of what you can expect to experience. Why don’t you also let us know which conference you will be attending so we can have a ‘cross-Canada shout out’ as we see which provinces are represented here in the comments. It is always great to hear from each of you; thanks for keeping the conversation going!

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