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When Homeschoolers Receive a Summons for Jury Duty

  Part of being a contributing citizen is being willing to serve on a jury upon request. It is a civic duty to respond to a jury summons and participate in the process if chosen. While most of us...

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NEW – HSLDA Canada Member Service: Exceptional Needs Specialist

  HSLDA’s team of experts has been dedicated to serving homeschool families for over 25 years, and the resources keep expanding. We understand the importance of meeting the needs of all families, including those with special circumstances. For this...

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Homeschooling & Government Letter Requirements

  For many families receiving a government letter request may raise some concerns. As a member of HSLDA, you can relax knowing that you’re a part of a reputable organization that works on your behalf. Government letter requests continue...

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Homeschool Fundraiser Slogan Contest

That moment when that first cup of coffee hits your soul is pure bliss for many parent educators. Whether it’s before your day starts, or a few cups in between math and language arts, that java boost can be...

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Homeschooling in English with Quebec’s New Regulation

By Louise Frazer As per Bill 101, Québec children attending public school or a subsidized private school must be educated in French until the end of high school (unless they meet the requirements to receive a certificate of eligibility...


Out of Breath? You’re Almost There!

  By Mélanie Camirand As I crane my neck to see what’s going on, there’s my son under the table, and he tells me he doesn’t really know how he got there. On top of that, I often catch him...

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Have you Logged into the Member Site Yet?

  If you’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with our membership team over the phone, you’ve likely been asked: “have you logged into the Member Site yet?” Another great benefit of being a member with HSLDA is the...

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HSLDA Canada Provincial Update

  The homeschooling regulation for Quebec was published on Wednesday, and can be reviewed here: French at page 3869 English at page 2451 The final step in the legislative process is complete; we now have the entirety of Quebec’s new law...

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Confessions of a Messy but Faithful Homeschooler

  By Samantha Cameron Disclaimer: The opinions expressed and statements made in this article reflect the author’s personal observations, and do not imply endorsement by HSLDA Canada or necessarily reflect the views and opinions of HSLDA Canada. Warning: This is...

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