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Conference Fever!

In the middle of a long winter, many Canadians find themselves in a state of Cabin Fever. Homeschoolers, on the other hand, find themselves experiencing Conference Fever at this time of year! Homeschool conference season is upon us, with...

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What about High School?

When you tell people that you are going to begin homeschooling, so often the question you hear in response is, “What about high school?” Whether you are at the stage in your homeschooling journey to answer that question or...

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The Heart behind the Question of “Why Homeschool?”

Welcome to our newest addition to the Vlog! This week, Paul Faris speaks from the heart about why he and his wife, Suzanne, homeschool their children. It is not a difficult task to prove the value of homeschooling from...

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Setting Goals that Work for YOU!

This week on the Vlog, Paul Faris interviews Shayne Wyler, Homeschooling Solutions Coordinator, on a topic that applies to all of us: Goal Setting. While the thought of setting new goals for the new year may seem overwhelming and...

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Merry Christmas from the Faris Family

As homeschoolers, we know that life is pretty perfect all the time. Instructions are heeded the first time they are given, subjects are learned and memorized the first time they are heard, and children never do anything to embarrass...

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The Law in 7 Minutes

Welcome back, everyone! This week the vlog gets a little technical as I give a quick lesson on legal process. Wait! Come back! Before you let your eyes glaze over and you click away in boredom let me stress...

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Homeschooling benefits parents. Really!

Hi, everyone! Thanks for joining us. This week I share on a topic that is close to my heart. I think this is a really important factor in ensuring that the homeschooling movement has the momentum to grow and...

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Making Changes Along the Way

Hi, everyone, and welcome to our third episode. This week I have an interesting topic for you. First, let’s agree that homeschooling parents are some of the hardest working people on the planet. As homeschoolers, we tend to work...

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The Lifecycle of a Homeschooler

Hi everyone and welcome to our second video blog. In this second video I talk about some of key areas to consider as you homeschool to ensure you start and finish well. Here I walk through four main stages...

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