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Why Choose Homeschooling?

Why Should I Choose Homeschooling as an Education Option for my Child?

Families choose homeschooling for a variety of reasons. Here are 10 great reasons to homeschool: 1. Flexibility: Homeschooling is all about flexibility. Hours of the day, days of the week, locations, courses, worldviews, learning methods, curriculum, holidays, etc. All...

Finding an Extraordinary Education in the Ordinary

Finding an Extraordinary Education in the Ordinary

by Louise Frazer Circumstances have thrown you and your children together under the same roof and as everyone scrambles to cope, you may wonder how to keep working, maintain order, and good family relations while largely confined for an...

Building Resilience in Kids During a Crisis

How to Successfully Manage Anxiety While Building Resilience in Kids During a Crisis

By Dinah Whitton Adults and children alike are struggling with anxious thoughts during this unprecedented time in our history. While this is completely normal, how we deal with anxiety is critical to the health and well being of children....

Quebec Update: News from the DEM

Quebec Update: News from the DEM

Dear member: We hope you and your family are staying well as our communities navigate the many challenges brought to every area of life by COVID-19. We wanted to get in touch with a few updates and points to...

Ideas to Keep Learning in the Midst of a Crisis

Ideas to Keep Learning in the Midst of a Crisis

Online Music Learning Learn to Play the Guitar Learn to Play the Piano     Free Guide to Shakespeare     Take a Virtual Trip to Mars!     Celebrate Earth Day 2020     Engaging the Right Brain...

boy and father working from home

Staying Sane with School at Home

by Louise Frazer If you are a parent who has simultaneously been thrown into working from home with your children’s school suddenly closed, you may well be wondering how you are going to get everything done and stay sane....

Boy and Mom doing schoolwork Exceptional Needs and the Future

Exceptional Needs and the Future

By Dinah Whitton Home education is just as much about the end goal as it is about current success. Even while you’re in the thick of parenting, it’s always a good idea to prepare for your children’s future along...

Signs of Dyslexia girl lokking frustrated

Signs of Dyslexia

The process of child development is as interesting as it is complex. Each child is unique and how they develop will vary. However, when additional challenges arise parents are naturally concerned and try to find answers. In particular, it...

Is your child dyslexic?

Is Your Child Dyslexic?

By Dinah Whitton Homeschooling gives parents the chance to truly observe their children in their own environment. It is quite normal to be concerned if you suspect your child is having difficulty with traditional methods of learning. Since dyslexia...

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