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HSLDA’s work and impact on the new legislation in Québec (Part 2 of 3)

  By Jean jr. Landry, with contributions by Peter Stock, Megen Zelinka and Manon Fortin The Bill Following the public consultations in the fall of 2016, we didn’t exactly know in which direction the government’s reform would go, nor how...


HSLDA’s work and impact on the new legislation in Québec (Part 1 of 3)

  By Jean jr. Landry, with contributions by Peter Stock, Megen Zelinka and Manon Fortin It’s official. The 45 days to submit our observations and final recommendations regarding the Regulations on homeschooling have come to  an end. Another big step...

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Bill 144: Get Ready for a Regeneration in Homeschooling

By Louise Frazer (Note: The author is a member services assistant at HSLDA and has also served on the Québec-wide advisory panel on homeschooling.) We may sometimes have the impression that laws are written and passed by stone-faced legislators...

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Exploring Home Education Methods: Literature-Based

By Dinah Whitton *Names have been changed upon request There’s nothing quite like a great book! Home educators from all walks of life will likely agree that books are an essential component to any homeschool. So let’s explore another...

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An Exciting New Postsecondary Option for Homeschool Students

By Peter Stock What if I said that you could study through your first year of university for free? Even better, you’d be taught by professors from high ranking colleges and your textbooks and materials would also be free....

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HSLDA is Hiring!

If you’re passionate about homeschooling and supporting families with exceptional needs, then HSLDA wants to talk to YOU! The Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada (HSLDA) has been dedicated to supporting homeschooling families for over 25 years. Our...

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Exploring Home Education Methods: DVD/Video

By Dinah Whitton Screen time is probably one of the most negotiated commodities for 21st century kids. Families of all sizes and from all walks of life seem to have some kind of system in place to monitor time...

Exploring Home Education Methods – Unschooling

By Dinah Whitton We can all agree that home education provides a tremendous opportunity for parents to educate their children based on their unique needs. Regardless of your preferred method there are so many benefits to homeschooling. So let’s...

Exploring Home Education Methods: Unit Studies

By Dinah Whitton It’s time to take a look at another interesting home education method: Unit Studies. This one is unique because it incorporates a theme into a unit of study. From core subjects to personal interests, nothing is...

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