HSLDA regularly gets calls or emails from our members asking, “Does the government have the right to ask me for a copy of my childrens’ birth certificates?”

The short answer is “yes”. In most cases, there is a legal justification for this request.

Should we just always comply with these requests? Not necessarily.

In this week’s vlog, Lisa McManus, Legal Counsel for HSLDA Canada, explains.

Please note: In this vlog, Lisa McManus talks about your privacy and how the government must protect your information. In the example from Nova Scotia that Lisa talks about, the information that was shared was the names of certain students (but no contact information was shared). It was to assist the Department of Health to determine the number of students eligible to participate in public health programs.

If you have an unexpected request for personal information that you feel goes above and beyond what may be necessary, contact our office for clarification on what information the government has permission to request. As always, in all of our interactions with government officials, we want to be as helpful and cooperative as possible. However, we do also want to ensure that we do not comply to every request unnecessarily.

We are continually in communication with provincial leaders to ensure that homeschooling families have the support and protection they need. HSLDA is always happy to hear from you on these issues. You are welcome to contact us to discuss a request for information. We can help you assess the request and support you through a process to hold the government accountable and protect your family.

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