Checking in: how are the early homeschool days going?

With eager excitement and great resolve to do well by your kids, you have begun homeschooling. How are you doing? Is it everything you hoped? Or everything you feared?! Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart: it will be hard work. However, there are ways of making it more doable and less difficult. Let’s take a quick check-in to see if we can simplify things and bring you some peace of mind.

If this is your first foray into homeschooling after pulling your kids out of public school, there can be a great temptation to try to replicate the classroom experience at home. Your kids may even be saying “That’s not how Mrs. So-and-so used to do it!” But homeschooling is not merely “school at home.” Homeschooling is an opportunity to really get to know your kids and to give them the education that best suits their needs. It is a time to develop not only academic skills and abilities, but also family relationships and bonds, personal gifts and strengths, and community connections and relationships. Homeschooling is an opportunity to be more holistically minded in the education of our kids: we truly are raising adults and developing leaders for the generations to come. 

If even that sounds overwhelming as you are just trying to figure out how to get your child to sit still long enough to complete a math worksheet, we urge you to visit the HSLDA website where you can read testimonies of families just like yours and learn from their experience of how to incorporate the values, skills, and goals that are personally significant into their homeschool year.

HSLDA is your partner in the homeschooling journey. Let us help you make this year the best school year yet! Contact us today and discover how each check in can be more positive than the last!

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