Show of hands: how many homeschool moms have had someone say to them, “Oh I could never homeschool. I’m just not as patient as you.”

Or, “Wow, you homeschool? You must be SO organized!”

And now, a second show of hands: how many of you looked over your shoulder wondering who on earth they were talking to!

Most of us are our own worst critics, and today’s vlog introduces us to two moms who are looking in the mirror and asking themselves all those questions that could threaten to keep us up at night.

Be encouraged as you watch this video. This is not a ‘woe is me’ video in which we all sit around and recount our failings as moms. It is a realistic look at the concerns we have and yet also a reality check of the successes that our kids and our families are experiencing because of the good work we, as homeschooling moms, are doing at home. Homeschooling works! The very nature of the lifestyle fosters learning and growth, in spite of our life circumstances or our weaknesses.

(Also of note is that this video was shot at NLC 2016. These are the kind of encouraging, refueling conversations that can happen when homeschooling parents from across the country meet to be inspired! Stay tuned for details of NLC 2017!)

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