At HSLDA we just love sharing information with you about all aspects of the organization! We have an amazing team that works diligently to help you throughout your homeschooling journey. From the moment you join and every year you renew, we take great care in streamlining our processes to make it easier for you.

Have you ever wondered what happens when we receive your membership application or renewal? In our latest vlog you’re about to find out! Our membership services guru, Kerry, takes you along on a fantastic animated journey to see how it’s all done. Whether you’re joining or renewing online, through snail mail or even by fax, our incredible member processing and finance teams make sure that the process is smooth and the information is accurate and updated.

You can help us keep our records updated by letting us know when your personal information has changed. We love what we do and enjoy hearing from our members. Contact us today to update your records, ask a question or even make a suggestion:

HSLDA: the partner in your homeschooling success.

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