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Is Preschool really best for your child?

We believe that you the parent are in the best position to know what is best for your child.  Because of your unique connection with them, you are also in the best position to teach them. You taught them how to walk and talk, you can teach them their numbers and colours too.

Would you like to enjoy another year with your preschool child at home?

Compulsory schooling in each province begins between the ages of five and seven. There are no requirements that you have to teach your preschool children.

What are the legal requirements?

There are no legal requirements for education until your children reach compulsory school age (between 5 and 7 depending on the province you live in). There are also no requirements to notify or connect with the school or school board before this time.  This means you are free to pursue your child’s education and development in whatever ways you think are best.

How will I know if they are keeping up with other children their age?

In a general survey of the education programs across Canada,  your child will be well prepared if they know the following when entering grade 1, if they have learned the following things:

Recognize alphabet and some words;
Print first name;
Count and recognize numbers up to 20, and group items together according to the number;
Know basic shapes, sort and classify objects and animals;
Communicate by asking questions and telling simple stories or facts;
Express their feelings;
Know about the community they live in;
Understand how to share;
Listen to others;
Understand and follow simple directions;
Start to understand the concept of time (i.e. using a calendar);
Be able to create a drawing or enjoy music.

How do I connect with other parents, get education materials, and have my ongoing questions answered?

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