HSLDA has been a support to homeschooling families as they undertake reporting and notifying obligations from their provinces or local school boards. Our member site has sample paperwork, templates, and up-to-date provincial regulations.

Still, reporting can be a bit of a spider web of expectations and and uncertainties. This week’s vlog will help to clarify some of those details.

Watch as Paul Faris sits down with HSLDA Legal Counsel, Lisa McManus. In this first of two parts, they take time to discuss some general principles behind what you need to know to fill out your paperwork well. No matter which style of homeschooling you use in your home, HSLDA can and will support and defend you. How you fill out your reports helps you to create an accurate picture of what your homeschool is like, and helps us to support and represent your family most accurately in case of interference from the school board or government officials.

Let us know in the comments your experiences of filling out reporting and notifying forms and whether it was an easy or difficult process.

Looking for part 2? You can find it here.

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