As you know, HSLDA believes that parents know their children best and are most equipped to educate and direct the education of their children. Filling out reporting forms is not a lot of fun, but it is an opportunity to show the great work that your family is doing, and to show that you know best how to assemble and education plan that strengthens and develops your child’s abilities.

Lisa McManus, legal counsel at HSLDA Canada, has received many emails and phone calls about the right way to fill out the forms. What should be included? What tone should the forms take? How much or how little should be communicated?

As a result of those frequently asked questions, Lisa McManus has come up with her Top Ten List of Writing Excellent Reports.

Watch the video update and learn how you can improve your form writing skills.

In the comments this week, let’s share any experiences you may have had with filling out forms or having HSLDA involved in the process. Have you received feedback from the governing officials about your reports and paperwork? Was the feedback positive or negative? Let’s encourage one another and share what we’ve learned.

Being an HSLDA member is the best way to ensure that you will have access to the help and support you need. If you are not a member, call the office today to discuss the benefits of membership to your family!

For further instruction, watch Paul’s related video, Reporting and Notifying: Know What’s Required. And if you missed part 1 of Paul and Lisa’s conversation, you will find it here.

Top Ten “Be’s” of Report Writing:
1. Be confident.
2. Be legible.
3. Be error free.
4. Be current (use the language of public educators).
5. Be authentic.
6. Be comprehensive.
7. Be concise.
8. Be conscientious.
9. Be an HSLDA member.
10. Be your child’s advocate!!!!

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