Many of our members have made the decision to expand their family through fostering and adopting. Many others are considering it, but don’t know where to start. This week’s video update discusses some of the general processes that need to happen for fostering and adopting to take place.

Kerry Mullenix (our Member Services expert) and Lisa McManus (legal counsel) discuss what it looks like to foster and adopt in Ontario. Most of the details apply across Canada, but if you have gone through the process in a different province and know of specific differences, please contact the office and let us know. We need your input on some of these issues. Lisa can speak from personal experience on the topic of fostering and adopting as her family grew in this way, too.

Again, if you have an adoption story that you are willing to share, we’d love to hear it! The homeschool factor does change the process a little bit, so you could help our members by sharing your experience and what others could expect. And stay tuned for another video on this topic, in which Kerry and Lisa will talk about the impact that fostering and adopting can have on your homeschool family.

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