On the HSLDA member site, we have many resources and helps for you in making sure that the hard work that your homeschool graduate did gets recognized as they pursue their postsecondary paths. We’ve shared about transcripts and diplomas, apprenticeships, success stories, and more! Homeschool graduates can get accepted to their preferred postsecondary option, and HSLDA is here to help them if they run into administrative difficulty.

In this week’s vlog, however, Paul Faris discusses a different angle to the conversation about transitioning to postsecondary school.

One of the criticisms of homeschooling through high school is that the student will not be adequately prepared for university life. Sometimes this is regarding social interactions. Sometimes it is about the ‘classroom experience’ and how the ‘system works’. Sometimes it is a fear of academic unpreparedness.

Paul talks about his experience in the most important of those three concerns, and how homeschooling actually prepared him perfectly for the challenges of a postsecondary education.

Curious as to what that preparation looked like? Watch this week’s video and be encouraged in your homeschooling!

If you are a homeschool graduate, we’d love to hear from you in the comments. What was the transition to postsecondary school like for you? In which ways did you feel unprepared? In which ways were you more than adequately prepared? Encourage the students and the parents who are still in the thick of homeschool to keep going!

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