A successful and favourable agreement has been reached in the Trinity/WISDOM case in Alberta!

After many months of uncertainty and stress, the AB Gov has agreed to reinstate Trinity/Wisdom as a private school and homeschooling program. This means that families registered with WISDOM can stay with them and will not need to take any further action.

Read the Trinity/WISDOM statement on their website.

HSLDA would like to congratulate Jay Cameron, lawyer for Trinity/WISDOM, for the excellent job he has done in this case on behalf of Trinity/WISDOM. HSLDA also wants to mention the tireless work that AHEA has done on behalf of homeschooling families in Alberta.

There is bound to be an ongoing discussion about the political environment surrounding homeschooling in Alberta, and so HSLDA is committed to continuing to support the homeschool movement in Alberta. However, this decision in favour of WISDOM certainly does speak to the unreasonableness of the approach of Alberta Education, and should dissuade them from taking similar action against other private schools. This is a victory for parents across that province.

Watch the HSLDA blog and our regular emails for any details as this story, and its surrounding issues, continue to unfold.

For now, congratulations to Trinity/WISDOM and to homeschooling families in Alberta for this victory!

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