It’s that exciting time of year when we celebrate the holiday season and the end of another year. Our calendars quickly become filled with turkey dinners, Christmas parties, and various other events to mark this joyous occasion. Whether you’re taking a much needed break or working on a modified schedule, we hope that your family will enjoy a special time of reflection together.

At HSLDA, our team will also get a chance to wind down with family and friends over the next two weeks. Our office will be closed from December 22, 2017 – January 1, 2018 (inclusive). But, don’t worry! If you have a homeschooling emergency we’re still just a phone call away. Please call or text Megen Zelinka, an associate lawyer with HSLDA at 647-637-0249. For emergencies in QC, please call or text (418) 446-8976. Please note that these emergency lines are for members only.

Over the past year our team has worked diligently to advocate for homeschooling families across Canada. We enjoyed meeting many of you at homeschool conferences, speaking with you over the phone and answering your online enquiries. We’ve also seen some great progress in the courts and legislature. It’s been very encouraging to see how effectively the homeschool community rallied together to help defend our freedom to homeschool. It is because of your dedicated support that we can continue to successfully advocate on behalf of homeschooling families. Although there are just a few weeks before this year ends, it’s not too late to help us reach our goal to raise $63,000 for our legal defence fund. If you haven’t already donated, please consider lending your support to help families like yours. Success or failure in court for one family can easily affect the homeschooling community in general.

Donations to CCHE (Canadian Centre for Home Education) before year end can be made online by visiting: and clicking on the donate button at the top of the
page. You can also email Cindy at with inquiries or to donate by phone. Any donations received after Dec 31st will not be receipted for 2017. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

As you reflect on the past year, take a moment to appreciate every aspect of your homeschooling journey. Maybe your family will enjoy looking back at pictures and videos from field trips. Perhaps one of your children learned to read or finally conquered long division. Or maybe you’re just thrilled to make it through the first couple of months of homeschooling. As you get ready for another year, be encouraged by your family’s accomplishments no matter how big or small they seem. Choose to be inspired by the lessons you learned this year and use them as stepping stones into the new year.

We hope that you enjoy some time with your loved ones to celebrate the season and ring in the new year. In 2018 HSLDA will continue to support your family with all your homeschooling needs. HSLDA: the partner in your homeschool success.

From all of us at HSLDA, have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!

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