Your voice for homeschool freedom.

Homeschooling is a proven method of successful education. As a parent, you have the right to choose the best education option for your child and to direct your child’s learning as you see fit.

Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes that right. Although home education is growing in popularity, it is still not fully appreciated or understood.

HSLDA serves as the premiere voice for home education in Canada’s legislatures. When provincial laws develop and change, as they often do, we are there to advocate for your parental choice and homeschool freedom.

We are a thousands-member strong non-profit membership organization that lobbies governments for home education freedom.

Parental freedom to choose:
  • Home education method
  • Academic curriculum
  • Evaluation
  • Location & scheduling
  • Peer association

“As a homeschooler in Canada, you are already benefiting from the broad legal expertise of HSLDA advocating on your behalf.”

– Peter Stock, HSLDA Canada President

How does HSLDA advocate for you?​

When HSLDA Canda was founded in 1992, home education fell into a legal gray area. Some families were threatened with jail or the apprehension of their children for refusing to put them in school.

Now, more than thirty years later, homeschool is legal in all ten provinces and three territories.

This and other ongoing advocacy work is accomplished by HSLDA experts uniquely qualified to speak on your behalf before:

  • Ministers of Education
  • Elected Provincial Legislators and their Staff
  • Bureaucrats
  • Education Interest Groups
  • Media

From Victoria, BC to St. John’s, NL, we represent your rights to influencers and lawmakers across Canada.

Our comprehensive advocacy program includes:


We continuously survey the political landscape and track provincial legislation for potential threats to your home education or challenges to your parental rights. We keep members informed of changes.


Our team knows the inner workings of the public policy process and has access to Ministers of Education, elected provincial legislators, and their staff. We work to build rapport and inroads.


We help lawmakers understand the intricacies and benefits of home education and present research and findings in support of home education.

Policy Devopment

Our legal team closely reviews education legislation to evaluate impact on homeschool families. We provide legal briefs and recommend amendments that will protect your rights.

Coalition Building

HSLDA serves as a point of contact for homeschool organizations across the country. We help facilitate grassroots support for issues requiring political action.

Media Relations

We work to elevate public opinion in favor of homeschooling by serving as a spokesman in the media and providing valuable news releases.

What are the current threats to home education?

The freedom we have to homeschool our children is constantly threatened. Those who work in the public education system seek to preserve their funding, which is dependent on school attendance. Others believe that the government should monopolize teaching ideology to children. As a result, both groups can regularly be found advocating for policies which will undermine our freedom to homeschool, such as:

  • Home visits by officials;
  • A specific curriculum be used;
  • Excessive reporting;
  • Mandatory participation in public school exams;
  • Sharing of personal information unrelated to education.


When they do, HSLDA is there to advocate on your behalf.

Parents should always have the right to choose home education.

With your membership support we can lobby decision makers and influencers to ensure your parental right to provide home education as you see fit is protected.

Past Provincial Updates & Advocacy Work

Members of HSLDA receive regular updates on provincial legislation affecting home education. Here are some recent examples.

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