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One of the most significant benefits of homeschooling is that a family can design school and home life in such a way that the individual needs of that family are met. In some cases, the best thing to meet the family’s needs is for the dad to take on the role of teacher.

That was the case for this homeschool family.  When a change at work prompted father, Jim Burgess, to switch his professional focus, he chose to apply his energies to educating his children. Now, he is employed as the sole teacher for at his family homeschool, and it seems to be a shift that has benefited all involved.

“No, I do not work from home while I home educate,” says Jim when asked about the position he took on two years ago. “It is plenty enough work for me.”

Initially, Jim chose to maintain the same curriculum and schedule his wife was using, but over time that began to change. He and the children began to develop a new rhythm together, and as a result, he began to choose curriculum that was better suited to his own his own teaching style and the new children dynamics.

The change from work outside the home to full-time home education was significant—both in terms of quality of life and family relationships. “The changes are outstanding,” says Jim. “I love being the stay-at-home parent. My kids love having their dad home. My outlook has improved. My change in attitude in life from when I did day-to-day work, which I had enjoyed, to now is immense. I feel calmer, and my relationship with my children has greatly improved. I really missed my kids while I was doing the day-to-day. I didn’t know how much I missed them until being at home and getting to see the learning taking place.”

Jim has also noticed a greater sense of accomplishment in his new role of home educator: “There are always new challenges at work. You accomplish them, but then there are more challenges. You’re not getting anywhere. At home, everything you accomplish creates more of an impact. It’s heavier. There’s so much more value to it.”

To hear more about Jim and the changes that can happen in a family when Dad becomes teacher, watch this video.

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