That moment when that first cup of coffee hits your soul is pure bliss for many parent educators. Whether it’s before your day starts, or a few cups in between math and language arts, that java boost can be crucial. Even if you don’t like coffee, chances are you know someone that does!

Now you have the opportunity to purchase fairly traded coffee which supports children in Honduras with an innovative homeschool fundraiser. Coffee Online is an organization that provides authentic Honduran coffee while supporting underprivileged families through various local programs. This initiative keeps the Child Survival Program and Feeding Centres available to the vulnerable community on the mountainside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Now you have a chance to lend a helping hand and participate in a homeschool fundraiser! Your group will receive part of the proceeds and it can be used in whatever way you choose.

This authentic Honduran coffee includes our unique label and sells for $15/bag (20 lbs minimum order). Your cost is only $10/bag and there is free shipping for 40lbs or more. That’s $5 profit/bag that can be used to help with any of your group’s expenses!

This initiative gives us an opportunity to facilitate a fundraiser that directly benefits your group while helping a great cause. Together we can continue developing and supporting healthy homeschool communities.

HSLDA: the partner in your homeschool success!


Coffee Order Instructions

  1. Visit to learn more about the various coffee selections.
  2. Call toll free: 1.888.913.2561 (Ext 1) to place your group’s order
  3. Payment can be made by credit card, e-transfer or cheque (invoice sent via email)
  4. Coffee orders will be delivered within 5-10 business days (allow 10-15 business days during the Christmas season).
  5. Upon receiving your order, ensure that your group’s name and contact information is placed on the back of each bag (i.e., Avery labels printed or written with permanent marker). This will also ensure your customers know how to contact you for future orders.

*Note: HSLDA Group Customers can only place an order from a representative from your group. Online forms are also available:


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