homeschool insecurities

What are your biggest struggles?

This week, we have two HSLDA moms chatting about some of the issues that shake their confidence to teach at home.

Whether it is a comment from a stranger, a question from a well-meaning loved one, a personal insecurity, or some societal pressure, there are many issues that can arise and that can put a shade of uncertainty on a mom’s ability and confidence to homeschool.

Watch as Bonnie Getty and Barbara Postma discuss some of their personal experiences and observations regarding Homeschool Insecurities.

What shakes your confidence? How are you brushing that off and confirming to yourself that you are the best teacher for you children? Share your story in the comments. And know that HSLDA is here to encourage you, to equip you, and to empower you to life the homeschool lifestyle with confidence and joy!