Homeschool support groups often organize weekly or monthly meetings, not to mention the occasional field trip. Historically, the insurance of the venue would cover the homeschool group attendees. This is becoming less and less expected. In fact, lack of homeschool insurance is one of the biggest problems in starting and maintaining a support group location. For a small homeschool group to get an insurance policy of their own is financially impossible. But with the strength in numbers effect of HSLDA Canada, insurance is not only affordable; it is worked into the membership fee itself.

But who does our insurance cover? Find out in this week’s vlog (part 2 of 3). Then comment below about your experience (or the experience of your local support group) in needing insurance for the facilities you seek to use.

(Note: Today’s vlog was part 2 of 3 in a series of most frequently asked questions. Looking for part 1 and part 3? Check out the links now!)