Cristina MacAldaz is the fourth of Enrique and Laurel’s six homeschooled children. The family resides in Oakville, Ontario, and the children have been homeschooled since they were very young.

For the past several years, the MacAldaz family would plan a formal Christmas banquet for the purpose of honoring God and developing leadership. Enrique and Laurel encourage their children to plan these events, thus improving and strengthening leadership and organizational skills, along with encouraging teamwork and communication.

In 2011, during her final year of being homeschooled, Cristina followed in her older siblings’ steps and decided to organize a banquet that was not just a party, but missions-minded as well. She wanted it to be a way to raise money to purchase items from the World Vision gift catalogue.

Along with friends and family, Cristina planned a talent show, contests, and games. Bible readings were included and, near the end of the evening, World Vision videos were shown. She asked some of the attendees to prepare food for the potluck in order to cut down on costs.

On December 17th, 2011, approximately 40 people attended the banquet at Chartwell Baptist Church in Mississauga. As people entered, they were encouraged to place their free-will donation into a basket by the door. By the end of the evening, over $900 was received! After subtracting the rental cost for the church and a few other expenses, Cristina was able to send $870 to World Vision for the purpose of stocking medical clinics in Africa. This amount was taken and multiplied seventeen times to create a sum of $14,790! To put this in perspective, it only costs $100 to stock an African medical clinic. When Cristina first thought of the fundraiser, she had no idea how much would be raised, but by the end of the evening, she was overwhelmed by the amount obtained.

Cristina is finishing grade 12 at home, then plans to take time off to work and travel before applying to university for the fall of 2013.

Printed in Court Report & Communiqué Summer 2012

Written by Leanna Getty

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