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What do you want to know about home education? 

These guides, worksheets, and lists were created by veteran home educators to help other parents in their homeschooling journey. Enjoy these free homeschool helps from HSLDA Canada — the organization with professional homeschool support for Canadian homeschoolers. 


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Homeschooling Laws Across Canada

Each province and territory has its own set of laws, regulations, and policies for homeschoolers. Some even have free resources available. HSLDA keeps you updated on the latest legal requirements and resources for your area.

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Homeschooling Laws Summary

Know Your Home Education Options

Grab this handy eBook from Homeschool.Today with all the home education methods compiled in an easy-to-review and print format.

Home education Options - Explore educational possibilities

Education Methods

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You Know Your Child Best

When you educate your child, you can quickly identify any exceptional needs and equip yourself, and your child, with what will give them the best learning environment. Get this handy list of warning signs for different ages to understand and guide your children in their educational journey. Developed by Exceptional Needs Specialist, Diane Geerlinks. 

Exceptional Needs warning signs download

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Plan for a High-Quality Education!

The planning section of the HSLDA Homeschool Planner guides you to educational excellence. Whether you are just starting or have been homeschooling for years, you’ll be provided with key planning processes with this free download.

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Homeschool planning

Be Informed, Equipped, & Protected with HSLDA

For a limited time you can get the Fall 2023 issue of the HSLDA member magazine and read how we inform, equip, and protect Canadian home educators: 

  • Dealing with and reducing challenges to your choice to homeschool; 
  • Homeschooling through high school; 
  • Music education in the preschool years;
  • Teaching virtues with books. 

… and much more! Enjoy your digital copy of the homeschooler magazine for Canadians!

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The Homeschool Review

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How to Support the Homeschooling Movement in Canada

There is more you can do to promote the value of home education to other Canadians, the media, and politicians. 

By partnering with HSLDA’s sister organization, the Canadian Centre for Home Education (CCHE), you will be contributing to: 

Advocacy in defence of our freedoms in the courts and the provincial legislatures.

Training the next generation of local and provincial leaders.

Sound academic research that demonstrates the value of home education.

Shifting public opinion and increasing public awareness about the benefits of home education.

Through generous donor support, CCHE works to promote and defend homeschooling in the media, and in the courts and legislature, across our nation.