The Value of Homeschool Support Groups

homeschool support group

The homeschooling journey is filled with so many possibilities and having a strong support group in your community is an added bonus.

Homeschool support groups can come in all shapes and sizes. Some groups include cooperative parent-led programs for a couple of kids or dozens of families. Regular parent support meetings, lending libraries and field trips are often a part of these groups. There are tremendous benefits to having additional support throughout your journey. The shared resources and the opportunity to connect with like-minded home educators can add immeasurable value to your family. Parents can use their expertise to teach various classes such as art, music, sports, dance, creative writing – the possibilities are endless! And, this isn’t just for the kids. Parents can also connect with each other for encouragement, advice and even form great friendships.

In this short video HSLDA Canada’s President, Peter speaks with Dawn from a local homeschool cooperative about homeschool support groups.

There are a few ways to find a homeschool support group in your neighbourhood. If your online search is unsuccessful, our knowledgeable team can point you in the right direction. For privacy reasons some groups choose not to have public websites, so it may be challenging to find them. But, our member services team has a list of trusted homeschool groups throughout Canada. You can also contact provincial homeschool organizations for the groups registered with them. If there isn’t a group near you, we’re happy to help you get one started. Extra support is provided for members who serve other homeschoolers. We can help with: legal structure, insurance and liability, setting up governance structure and general organization.



HSLDA is here to support you and your homeschool journey

At HSLDA we remain dedicated to empowering parents with resources to develop and support healthy homeschool communities across Canada. Whether you’re looking for a support group or considering starting one, let us help you get connected. We also want to hear about your family’s experience with homeschool support groups. Does your family attend weekly co-ops? Do you have any suggestions for anyone starting a new group? We want to hear all about it, so send an email to: