Homeschooling dads have a unique role in the education of their kids. Whether you are a work-from-home dad or a dad who goes to the office, you know that your time with your children can be limited. But homeschool moms know what a great help and support a plugged-in homeschool dad can be. So, how does a dad find a balance between working full time, being a supportive husband, and also being a fun and helpful dad?

This week’s video update is an outstanding conversation between HSLDA’s very own Shayne Wyler and Paul Faris. They discuss the insights and understandings that they have gained over the years as they try to support and encourage their wives, and as they seek to contribute to their kids’ learning.

While the conversation will be of particular interest to other homeschooling dads, it is also a very eye-opening video for homeschool moms as we hear a little bit of how homeschool dads think!

Dads, in the comments below, share your tips for being a good homeschooling dad. And moms, be sure to give a shout out to your husbands for the good work they are doing.

Editor’s Note: Single homeschool moms, HSLDA has a special series of posts coming just for you! We know what an extra large workload you have and we want to encourage you as you persevere in doing this good work on your own. Stay tuned for the next edition of Homeschool with HSLDA magazine and watch the blog for articles written especially with you in mind.

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