As we all know, homeschooling does not happen in a vacuum. Life still happens. Stresses increase, troubles come, and resources dwindle. Our members often call into the office to discuss how they ought to navigate some of these rocky waters. Listen in as Kerry Mullenix and Lisa McManus discuss some of the issues they have walked our members through over the years and the kind of advice they give.

As you can see there are many resources that HSLDA can provide, and many more that we can direct you to in times of conflict, stress, and difficulty. Sometimes taking a break from homeschooling is the right thing to do. But sometimes having someone walk alongside you to encourage you as you continues is the right thing to do.

Our members know that HSLDA is always honoured to be that listening ear and sounding board when difficult times arise.

For those members who are currently not in a time of stress or conflict, but rather find themselves in a place of strength, we encourage you to get involved and to help us help the homeschool community through initiatives like the Families in Need Program.

Stay tuned for more helpful videos from Kerry and Lisa. They are really on the forefront of assisting with the members’ needs in the HSLDA English office, and so they are a great wealth of information and help. As always, contact the office today if you need help, support, or a listening ear. HSLDA can help.

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