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Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been homeschooling for a while, you’ve likely been asked about socialization. Your right to home educate your children provides a unique opportunity to provide a well rounded education.

Being in a brick and mortar school does not guarantee that your children will build healthy friendships. Homeschooling opens many opportunities to socialize and to interact with different types of people within varying age groups. Your access to various groups within your community will provide plenty of peer group exposure. And, since your children can focus on their education, there’s more time to engage in their interests such as, sports, arts or music. Many elite student athletes need to be homeschooled to accommodate their schedule that would otherwise be compromised by attending public or private school.

In this short video you’ll find out why homeschool students actually have more opportunities to socialize while maintaining high academic standards.

This notion that children need to attend traditional school to learn socialization skills is unrealistic. With overcrowded classrooms it’s difficult for teachers to attend to each child’s needs while helping to cultivate their interests. As a parent educator, you can be actively involved in their academic progress while helping them to build on their gifts and talents. Education is far more than teaching our children to read, write and count. Homeschooling enables us to give our children a well-rounded education that includes socialization.

Homeschoolers will always face the scrutiny of the socialization myth, so it’s best to remain focused on your family’s goals. Your children’s success will eventually prove that home education truly is a great way to gain lifelong socialization skills.

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