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Your student is working hard at home during these homeschool years. And you know that, depending on what postsecondary choices your child makes, he likely has many more years of school ahead of him. What if there was a way to shorten the length of time he spends in the thick of studies?

There is! CollegePrep is a homeschool-friendly service that allows your child to receive college credits for work they are doing during high school. By using dual enrollment credits, your child can reduce his time in the postsecondary classroom, saving both time and money. Also, these credits help your student stand out in the university and college application process if they do not have an accredited transcript or diploma. Many public high schools have a similar program (often called Advanced Placement courses or Dual Enrollment), but CollegePrep also offers thorough guidance counselling and support to help you and your student choose and complete the credits that make the most sense for the education goals you and your child have set.  They also have life skills courses and study-skills courses that make continuing education easier and more manageable. Very reasonably priced, CollegePrep (and their main site, CollegePlus is a great addition to the homeschooling through high school toolbox.

As a home educator you know the benefits of having access to solid resources to maximize your time and achieve your goals. For over 25 years HSLDA has been working diligently to support homeschool families like yours by providing everything needed to succeed. Expert legal support, insurance coverage, and advice from our experienced staff are just some of the many benefits of joining HSLDA.

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