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Homeschooling through high school is an entirely possible, and rewarding, endeavor that you should not be afraid to tackle. The curriculum available, complete with scripted instruction manuals, CD-ROMS, videos, and online support make keeping your kids home for school, even through the upper grades, very manageable.

And the benefits of doing so are exceedingly great. Some parents will say that they want to keep their children home in the younger years, when they are very impressionable, but will then send them to high school when they ‘can handle it’. While this is a common theory, isn’t it true that the high school years are when the stakes are highest?  The temptations and difficulties that are presented to your children in the high school years are overwhelming, both in number and in negativity, and are potentially life altering in ways that you would not desire.  

Aside from the lacking morality of high school, there is also the great possibility that your child may receive an academic experience that is less than desirable. While they will certainly acquire their diploma and all the necessary credits to get into university or college, they will also receive a very universally-designed curriculum. A high school of many hundreds of students clearly is not set up for giving your child an individualized education that allows them to thrive in the skills and abilities that make them unique.

You know your child. You know their gifts and abilities and interests. By keeping your teen-aged students at home, you will be able to craft an individualized education plan for them, and they will thrive! Your family life will not be subject to the agenda of the school board; rather, you will have time for volunteer opportunities for your student and your family. And, most importantly, your family will be the shaping influence on your child’s character rather than their peers and teachers. As you know, homeschoolers have no shortage of outside influences, which is a very good thing. Being able to choose what those influences are is of great importance.

Maybe you want to homeschool through the high school years, but you are afraid that your child will not be able to gain acceptance into their postsecondary school of choice because they don’t have a provincially-recognized diploma.  Please read up on Record Keeping to be encouraged that you are more than able to draft documents that will be successfully received by postsecondary institutions.

Perhaps you are convinced of the benefits to homeschooling through high school, but the prospect of bearing the full weight and responsibility of teaching every subject is overwhelming. Perhaps there are only a few subjects that you want to delegate to other sources, or perhaps you want an entire year or more to be taught by another educator, under your supervision.   If so, read up on Online Schools and the pros and cons to using the variety of options available to you. In the meantime, contact the HSLDA office to speak to homeschooling moms who have successfully taught through high school. We can direct you to the resources and encouragement you need to persevere in this good work!

As a home educator you know the benefits of having access to solid resources to maximize your time and achieve your goals. For over 25 years HSLDA has been working diligently to support homeschool families like yours by providing everything needed to succeed. Expert legal support, insurance coverage, and advice from our experienced staff are just some of the many benefits of joining HSLDA.

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