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Obviously, no postsecondary institution is going to want to wade through every sample of Johnny’s work since Kindergarten. What you choose to keep and document in a portfolio should be only the best and most relevant pieces of work. Samples of school work pertinent to the program to which your student is applying are clearly worth adding to the portfolio. These might include an essay, a piece of artwork, proof of reading and research, or certificates of achievement and independent study. You may want to include documentation that indicates the scope and sequence of the subjects studied.  Having a detailed course description for each subject is very helpful. It allows the administrator to make an objective evaluation of what your student has covered. (Add link to the sample course Descriptions like the one on Basecamp) It is also beneficial to include a resume, work and personal reference letters, volunteer experience, and any ‘proof of achievement’ documents that paint a more complete picture of your student. Postsecondary institutions are drawn to homeschoolers not only because of their grades but also because of their overall character, self-motivated and independent learning abilities, skills and unique hobbies, and ‘well-rounded’ educational experience.  Be sure to highlight not only their academic achievements, but also their personal pursuits and character excellence.


Does the thought of writing a transcript fill you with fear and trepidation? You are not alone in that uncertainty, but writing a transcript does not need to be that complicated. The actual making of a transcript is simple. There are countless examples online like this one (link to the ones Kerry posted on Basecamp) as well as templates that you can download and customize for your family. If making a transcript is relatively simple, then the real question is whether or not a postsecondary institution will accept your transcript as official. Truthfully, they may not. However, when the transcript is part of a well-presented application it does aid your child in winning an audience with the registrar.

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