Thank you for your comments and questions here on the blog, and on the HSLDA YouTube channel. It is so important that we encourage one another and share experiences with each other in the homeschool community. We believe that homeschooling is better with HSLDA, and one factor that makes that true is the strength of our members’ support for one another. So, thank you!

As such, Paul Faris wanted to address one of our member’s questions this week in the video update. It is a question that many of us have asked, I’m sure: how do we help our children discover and develop their unique gifts and passions?

The homeschool environment truly is a great place to do just that: to discover and to develop our children’s gifts and abilities. Paul discusses a few factors to consider as you evaluate the content and structure of your homeschool journey. There is not only one ‘right’ answer to the question, because, as we all know, there is not only one type of kid! Watch Paul’s answer to this question and be encouraged as you lead your children through the big decisions that are ahead of them.

Please keep the conversation going in the comments here and on YouTube. At HSLDA, we truly do love hearing from you. This week, could you share any tips you have of how you helped your children to develop their unique gifts and interests? Let us know about the excellent adventures and successes your homeschool graduates have had! It will be an encouragement to the newer homeschoolers among us to start well and to finish strong.

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