HSLDA and ACPEQ’s guide to assist you this homeschooling year is HERE! We’re coming up on back-to-school, and we hope this guide is useful to you as you prepare your learning projects and plan your school year.

Check out HSLDA’s public site for templates to use for your learning project, written status/midterm report, and completion reports. Members of HSLDA, log into your member site next week to check out new templates with detailed suggestions for preparing your learning projects, written status/midterm report, and completion reports.

Remember to notify on or before September 1st, 2018, and that your learning project is due by September 30th, 2018.

Take a moment to peruse the guide, and call us if you have any questions!

Companion guide to Homeschooling in Quebec

Learning project blank template

Annex 3 – Midterm Fillable

Annex 3 – Completion Fillable

HSLDA: the partner in your homeschool success!

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