By Louise Frazer

As part of the preparation for writing the Best Practices Guide, which will be published by July 1 2019,  the Direction de l’enseignement à la maison (DEM) has met with dozens of homeschool families and leaders, including Manon Fortin and Louise Frazer from HSLDA.  The representatives of the DEM showed themselves to be enthusiastic and open to homeschooling and eager to learn more. Discussions included: the variety of homeschooling methods and families, how best to meet the needs of special needs children and the resources available, evaluation methods and the role of portfolios; and, the need to open admissions to DEPs, CEGEPs, and universities. Louise Frazer gave multiple suggestions on admissions procedures that could pave the way for homeschoolers.

HSLDA continues to emphasize the need for flexibility in curriculum and evaluation, flexibility in the rhythm of learning, the parents’ credibility as both educator and evaluator, and the successful outcome of homeschooling in the long run. We agreed that a Québec-specific study on homeschooling would be beneficial.

With the new law in effect, this is a year of learning for all concerned parties – from parents to the Ministry. We encourage families with questions, concerns, and suggestions, whether large or small, to contact us. So far, we have found the DEM to be open and helpful in resolving conflict or misunderstandings. We remain in contact with the DEM and are here to help you, our members, as always.

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