HSLDA membership is the homeschool resource you need

You have bought the pencils and notebooks. You have binders and glue sticks galore. You may have a designated spot to do schoolwork each day, or you may have books and assignments consuming your dining room table. You are now on a first-name basis with your local librarian. But have you done the most important step? Have you become an HSLDA member?

An annual membership with HSLDA is a small financial commitment with far-reaching benefits. Often stated as “having a lawyer on call”, membership with HSLDA is more than just legal peace of mind (although, that would be enough and totally worth the price!).

HSLDA members also receive access to insurance coverage for homeschooling events, assistance with government letters, and peace of mind with provincial regulations and school board notifications. We have a FREE preschool membership for those families just starting out, and we have resources and encouragement for every stage and grade of homeschooling. We have helped families who are teaching children with exceptional needs. We have counsel and encouragement for struggling learners. We have an array of wholesome books for your children in our Digital Library. We walk alongside single moms who are homeschooling, working parents who are homeschooling, single child families, large families, and stay-at-home dad families. HSLDA can help you get connected to other homeschoolers near you so you never have to feel alone. We have access to the best and most up-to-date research on homeschooling to both encourage you and silence the naysayers in your life.

HSLDA has decades of experience of helping families like yours navigate all the highs and lows of homeschooling. We have walked with members long enough to see their preschoolers graduate from highschool, get into and through postsecondary, and begin their careers and families. Homeschooling works, and HSLDA can help!

And if for some reason you think you don’t need all of these resources and support in your own homeschool, we still encourage you to take up an HSLDA membership so that others can benefit from the strength in numbers of a strong, national homeschool organization. Many families in remote locations or in extremely challenging life circumstances need the rallying support of a healthy homeschool community and a strong political and legal presence to ensure that they have what they need to give their kids the best education.

So, won’t you join the HSLDA family today? A small annual fee goes a very long way in ensuring that Canadian families like yours have everything they need to give their kids everything they deserve.

Questions? Contact us today at info@hslda.ca

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