By: Jean jr. Landry.

After a hope-filled meeting with the Québec education minister, Sébastien Proulx, last September, HSLDA submitted recommendations to the government aimed at promoting harmonious relations between Québec school authorities and families who choose to homeschool.

In this multiple-page report, HSLDA brought the Minister of Education’s attention to the fact that homeschooling is a growing movement in many industrialized countries and that measures must be taken so that Québec successfully turns the corner on this form of education. Using studies on the subject, HSLDA also reminded the government that homeschooling is far from being a clandestine movement or a strictly religious phenomenon that must be regarded with suspicion. On the contrary, it is a legitimate and thought-out approach on the part of parents wanting their children to succeed, and consequently it is producing excellent results on both academic and personal levels.

The document was written to reassure the government that parent-educators’ want to conform to the present demands of the law but also to expose the abuses to which they are subjected at the hands of school authorities. The confidence having been broken between authorities and parent-educators, HSLDA recommended that school boards be educated on what homeschooling is and that they thoroughly respect this choice, that they ease their evaluation methods, and that they benefit from clear direction from the government in order to adopt a uniform approach throughout Québec. HSLDA proposed that the government develop an innovative policy in which public, private, and home schools would all be considered on an equal footing and would enjoy the same recognition. This way, the fact of a parent-educator announcing to the authorities their intentions to homeschool would no longer be like taking a risk, but would be as natural as registering children in the local school.

This is just one way in which HSLDA continues its work in order to represent its members and to positively influence governments in the development of future policies, for the good of our members, and for the success of our children. We will keep you informed of any future developments in this file.

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