Home School Legal Defence Association Of Canada

An important factor in a successful homeschooling endeavor is the ability to join a co-operative, to take field trips, and to participate in other educational activities outside of the home. In the past, these co-operative groups would be hosted by churches, and field trips would be welcomed by all manner of venues. However, as society at large is becoming increasingly prone to taking legal action against event organizers and facility owners, it is becoming less appealing for those owners to take the risk of extending their insurance to cover the activities of uninsured homeschool groups.  

As a result, rental facilities are closing their doors to homeschool groups in increasing numbers. When they are willing to host the group, the rental cost they require to use their facilities skyrockets. The organizers of the homeschool group may try to split that cost among its members, but too often, that increase is too steep for the individual families and so the group folds. In some cases, the facilities are willing to host the homeschool group only if the group holds their own insurance. However, because most of the groups are smaller in size the legal costs to get group insurance set up is also too great, and the members stop being involved in the homeschool group.

Fortunately, your membership with HSLDA provides you with the insurance coverage you and your homeschool group need at no additional fee and with no additional application process.

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