Are you considering homeschooling for the first time and need to be reassured that you are allowed to do this? Have you been homeschooling for years and are still fielding questions from well-meaning friends and family about the legality of homeschooling? Let this video put all of those concerns to rest! Homeschooling is legal in Canada.

However, while homeschooling in Canada is legal, there are specific details that you need to attend to in order to homeschool legally! Is that confusing? It sure can be. Each province in Canada has slightly different requirements and timelines, so being up on the current provincial expectations is critical.

In a very brief and concise way, this week’s video update from Paul Faris not only addresses the question, “Is homeschooling legal?” but it also directs homeschooling families to the resources that HSLDA has prepared to make notification obligations easier. Homeschooling is better with HSLDA because we can help you navigate the sometimes complicated notification requirements of your province.

Watch the video, and learn more!

Do you still have other legal questions that pertain to homeschooling? Ask it in the comments and Paul will answer as many of them as possible in future videos.

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