blocks spelling out Dyslexia - Is your child dyslexic?

By Dinah Whitton

Homeschooling gives parents the chance to truly observe their children in their own environment. It is quite normal to be concerned if you suspect your child is having difficulty with traditional methods of learning. Since dyslexia is common in our society, there is a lot of information circulating about this particular learning ability. Whether your suspicions are based on something you read or heard, it’s important to know the facts before making any changes.

It’s critical to understand what dyslexia actually is, and what it is not.

According to the Canadian Association of Dyslexia, “It is a difficulty with the alphabet, reading, writing and spelling in spite of normal or above-normal intelligence, conventional teaching methods, and adequate sociocultural opportunity. Dyslexia is thought to be genetic and hereditary.” However, the way dyslexia presents in each child will vary. To get a better understanding, it is essential to read literature that treats dyslexia as a learning style and not just a learning disability. In this short video, one of our Exceptional Needs Specialists shares some insightful information about discovering the dynamics of dyslexia. For example, you’ll discover why phonics based programs don’t work for picture thinkers and how to create a positive atmosphere of learning. For additional information, log onto the member site for comprehensive details about dyslexia and other exceptional needs.


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