Is your family protected?

You homeschool and give your best. You don’t expect to need legal help with home education. Most of our members don’t either. Yet, every week HSLDA lawyers advise families facing legal issues.

HSLDA lawyers are there to provide legal support when you're in crisis. With a focus on early intervention and prevention, our legal team helps you ensure your family is safe.

Should your homeschool ever be challenged, HSLDA will be there to defend you and your family.

HSLDA is the only organization in Canada with the legal expertise to represent homeschool families in court. Members also receive:

  • 30+ years of trusted legal advice
  • On-call lawyers for emergencies
  • Personalized answers to your legal questions
  • Certified documentation to support your homeschool
  • Access to fillable provincial forms

“The main reason HSLDA membership is important is to help ensure freedom of homeschooling in Canada. You and I may never come into a legal battle, but those who do need to be represented and the results of those cases ultimately will affect future rights to homeschool. It’s a small amount to pay, but if you think on the large scale it has great effect. Not to mention the benefits of the research and resources they offer”

– Stephanie McGachy, ON

Emergency Legal Counsel

Swift resolutions: In most cases, a single call.

As an HSLDA Canada member, you have access to on-call lawyers when you’re facing a legal issue or when your right to educate your child is challenged by authorities. While our mandate is homeschool-focused, our lawyers also have expertise in non-educational family and child protection matters that can potentially impact your homeschool. It is essential that you contact HSLDA immediately for advice if your family is dealing with a crisis– even if that situation is not directly homeschool related. The earlier you get in touch with us for legal advice, the better we can assist!

Challenges Directly Related to Homeschooling

  • Unsolicited home visits from education ministry officials or school boards
  • Investigations by Child Protection Services about homeschooling
  • Overreach by homeschool liaisons
  • Challenges by ex-spouses or other unsupportive family members

Challenges That Could Impact Your Homeschool

  • Police investigations
  • Medical interventions & challenging communications with health care providers
  • School relations (for parents with one or more children in school)
  • Fostering and adoption situations
  • Other matters affecting your homeschool

If you are an HSLDA Canada member with an emergency, call our office and follow the prompts to leave a confidential voicemail. We will connect you with a lawyer immediately.

Non-Emergency Legal Services

The proper paperwork at the right time.

As a recognized home education authority, HSLDA is qualified to provide the required documentation homeschool members need for:

  • CRA Reviews
  • Citizenship applications
  • CPP child family disability
  • Jury duty

Preventative Legal Guidance

Current and reliable information with helpful resources.

HSLDA attorneys monitor provincial education policies related to homeschooling. We offer procedural counsel for following the law and provide resources to make that easier:

  • Updates and alerts on home education policy in your province
  • Current advice on registering your homeschool (including providing province-specific fillable forms)
  • Homeschool documentation recommendations
  • Member guides related to; health care, fostering, adoption, corporal punishment, homeschooling while working, immunization, etc.

The Canadian Authorities in Home Education Law

HSLDA lawyers are uniquely qualified to defend home education. Skilled advocates in every area of law that intersects with education policy with homeschool experience, they are committed to defending your rights.

65 Years+

Combined Legal

  • Home education law
  • Child protection law
  • Family law
  • Bilingual in French and English
  • Personal home education experience

Equip your Homeschool. Don’t Leave it Vulnerable.

Just like you wouldn’t wait for your house to catch on fire before you sign an insurance policy, you shouldn’t wait until you face a legal challenge to join HSLDA. Set your school up for success and get the information you need to keep your family safe.

Join Canada’s largest association of homeschooling families.

Why risk a legal emergency or try to push through on your own?

Get assurance and peace of mind today.

Ensure your family is following provincial laws and safeguarded in a legal emergency.
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