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You have decided to homeschool, in part, because you want to do what you feel is best for your child. You do not want to make any mistakes, or miss any details. You want to have the freedom to keep giving your child the best education possible and to not be disqualified because of a lack of knowledge of your constitutional freedoms, legal rights, and legal limitations.  

Well-meaning loved ones and onlookers ask questions about your need to register with a school, or your need to be a certified teacher, or your need to have your kids’ work checked by a third party. Some may ask if you have to follow the provincial curriculum, or if homeschooling is legal at all.

Suddenly, you feel an increasing insecurity in the rightness of what you are doing. Fears often arise in the mind of a homeschooling parent that they will unintentionally break a law or miss a requirement.   You’ve done some research but was the information up to date? Did you miss anything? Do you need to register your child with your province?  If your child has been in the public school system and then removed to be taught at home, is there paperwork to fill out?   What information are you legally obligated to give to the authorities? Membership with HSLDA gives you the confidence to do what you feel you’ve been called to do by providing you with the most up-to-date laws and regulations, province by province. Also, as advocates for homeschoolers in other countries, HSLDA can keep you aware of the political trends and leanings and how they affect you.

Because of tragic scenarios that have made the headlines in international news, homeschool families often worry about being wrongly judged or falsely accused. For example: what about the Children’s Aid Society?  What if they come knocking on your door? What rights do they have to speak to you or your children? What information are you obligated to give them?  Do your family’s private decisions about discipline or immunizations or faith give the CAS the freedom to enter your home and question (or remove) your children?  Thankfully, your membership with HSLDA gives you the answers to all those questions, as well as provides legal representation should the need arise.

There are circumstances that can arise in which you must prove your status as a homeschooling family. Often you will need letters of proof to satisfy the questions of the government officials. Whether you are needing documentation to apply for a government service or program or to be exempt from Jury Duty, HSLDA can assist you in acquiring the proper paperwork.    

HSLDA has all the Legal Services you need to homeschool with confidence. Our office is always ready to answer your questions or come to your assistance.

As a home educator you know the benefits of having access to solid resources to maximize your time and achieve your goals. For 30 years HSLDA has been working diligently to support homeschool families like yours by providing everything needed to succeed. Expert legal support, insurance coverage, and advice from our experienced staff are just some of the many benefits of joining HSLDA.

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