Making Canada a Better Place

By Peter Stock

(3 minute read)

Winston Churchill once famously said, “Parliamentary Democracy is the worst form of government…except for all the others that have been tried.”

He was right, of course.  As Canadians, we are very blessed to live in a nation where we can peacefully participate in choosing our political leaders after much public debate. Our democratic form of government allows individual citizens the freedom to raise concerns, propose policies and even change society for the better.

As home educators these freedoms are particularly dear to us as they have allowed us to gain the liberty we have today to home educate. Indeed, the story of the modern homeschooling movement is one of a constant struggle to inform and influence politicians for better laws.  HSLDA and your provincial organization have been in the forefront of these battles. And, while we’ve gained a great deal of freedom in the last three decades, threats still arise.

For instance, within the last year Alberta homeschoolers witnessed their previous provincial government strip parents of certain rights, and threaten the closure of some of their homeschool facilitating institutions. Quebec homeschoolers have seen their freedoms undermined by their current government, which is demanding that home educated students write provincial exams.  HSLDA remains in the forefront of fighting the battles for our freedom to educate as we see best.

There is a way for each family to make a difference, too. This is a federal election year with a vote planned for October 21st. Election campaigns provide an excellent opportunity to raise concerns, propose new ideas and demand change.

I want to encourage you to exercise your rights of citizenship and be engaged in the election process. There are plenty of ways to have an impact on a campaign beyond simply voting. Meet your local candidates and share the story of your homeschooling journey. Make a donation, express your thoughts on social media, or you could even volunteer on a local candidate’s campaign. And, engage your older children, too! This is a practical opportunity for them to learn about democracy and politics, and begin to take their own place in making Canada a better country.

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