Hi, everyone, and welcome to our third episode. This week I have an interesting topic for you. First, let’s agree that homeschooling parents are some of the hardest working people on the planet. As homeschoolers, we tend to work hard for many reasons, but is that hard work paying off in the ways we are hoping? Surely working incredibly hard just for the fun of it is not one of our key motivations! So this week let’s explore how we can maximize the effect of our hard work. Or let’s discover ways that we can produce better results for less work.

As we measure the effectiveness of our work and our methods, I think you’ll agree that comparing ourselves to others is never a beneficial endeavor!

Without comparing your homeschool to those around you, consider these questions: what outcome is most important to you as you work at homeschooling your children? Is there a way that you can achieve that goal with less work?

This week I’d love to hear about changes in your homeschooling that you have made that have produced better results for less work. Join me in the comments below.

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