HSLDA Canada President Paul Faris has been successfully defending and representing homeschooling families for over a decade. While his success in the courtroom can be traced back to his education and legal experience, Paul’s empathy and support for the homeschooling families across Canada come from his own personal schooling experience.

In this week’s vlog, Paul recounts the details behind his leaving the public school system and homeschooling through high school.

If you are a homeschooled student who has recently been pulled out of the school system, Paul can relate to you because he has been through that same transition.

If you are a parent considering pulling your kids out of the system, (or are homeschooling for the first time), Paul can relate to you because of what he saw in his parents as they made the decision to homeschool and how they included Paul and his siblings in that decision.

In the comments, let’s talk about bringing our kids home. Paul mentions a few reasons why coming home made sense to him, and he addresses some of the positive changes that happened in his family because of that decision. What benefits are you seeing from the decision to bring your kids home? If you are considering making the switch, what benefits are you hoping to see? And as always, if you have questions about making the switch from school to home, or if you have already have but need some help in transition, contact our office. We would be thrilled to help you through the issues that you may be concerned about.

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