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One-year Family Membership
*plus $15 one time administrative fee
New "Lifetime" Membership *
$1500 per family
Preschool Membership

Free (all children must be under 6)

You are a busy homeschool parent, and we know that your spare time is limited. We want to make the application and renewal process as simple and as non-time-consuming as possible.

Please fill out our online form below. Remember, it can take between 2 to 4 weeks for the application to be approved and processed.  If you have a current legal situation a $100 fee is required in order for our legal team to review your application. Please contact our office at 519.913.0318.
(Note: Because processing a rush application requires the immediate diversion of resources, the fee is nonrefundable. Approval is not guaranteed.
HSLDA does not provide legal representation in matters of child custody or domestic disputes between parents.

This online application only accepts Visa and Mastercard. If you would prefer to pay by cheque or money order, you may also print out the application or renewal and mail it in to our office (Please note that we do not accept e-transfer). It is very important that you take time to read through the terms and conditions of membership with HSLDA Canada.

"Lifetime" Memberships are not transferable or refundable; membership will continue as long as you desire to partner with us on your homeschooling journey and HSLDA continues to offer services to homeschoolers.

HSLDA will treat this information with absolute confidentiality. Need help filling out this form or have questions? Contact our office at 519.913.0318 for assistance.

Contact Information: Primary Contact (for all notifications)

NOTE: Processing applications can take 2 to 4 weeks- longer during our busy season. IF YOU HAVE A CURRENT LEGAL SITUATION and are not already a member, a $100 rush fee is required for our team to review your application. Please contact the office at 519.913.0318.

Secondary Contact (Spouse, Other)

*Note: Secondary email is optional & should not be the same as the primary email

Preschool Membership expires on oldest child's 6th birthday.


Oldest Child's Name and Birthdate: 


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*If you have a current legal situation, full one-year payment is required for new applications. (in addition to the legal review fee)
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*Rush applications require full annual payment plus a $100 rush fee and, if approved, are processed within two business days

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